Brett Sanderson

Brett joins EXIT as a marketing graduate of Holland College who grew up in the Cornwall area of Prince Edward Island. Brett has been heavily involved in social media from a younger age with experience in advertising small events, restaurants, retail, and more.

Along with his experience in marketing, Brett is a content creator. His passion is creating engaging marketing content that will captivate an audience. With a strong background in photography and videography, creativity comes naturally.

In his spare time, Brett enjoys photography, skiing, and playing music with his bands. Brett is part of a small group of people who organize and promote all-ages concerts. Their goal is to create a sense of community through music by helping to foster new, young, musicians who will eventually be the future of the music scene on Prince Edward Island.

Brett is very excited to be working with the EXIT team to help meet their goals through creating a unique approach to real estate marketing.


Brett brings a creative flair to the office and is always thinking of new ways to engage with the community and to market our properties. His content showcases the innovative and welcoming environment that we strive for at EXIT Realty PEI.

Stuart WightEXIT Realty PEI

Brett is a real asset to our office. He takes our ideas and makes them into something amazing. We have people constantly commenting on our social media presence and we have Brett to thank for that!

Carol O'Hanley

Brett can always be found smiling throughout the office. He makes sure our social media presence is very professional.

Pamela and Danny Foy

A jack-of-all-trades, Brett conquers it all! Marketing, social media, design, photography, signage, the list goes on. He's everybody's sidekick here at EXIT Realty PEI and we love him for his willingness to help and his impetuous attitude!