Darlene Balderston

Darlene has over twenty year’s administrative experience and customer service experience. If you speak to anyone in the Charlottetown/Stratford area who has been a customer of Darlene’s, they will tell you how outstanding she is at what she does.

Darlene lives in Stratford with her husband Erwin and together they own/operate a successful video production business. She understands the importance of owning your own business and brings that awareness with her to EXIT Realty PEI as she acts as the office administrator.

Being the face of the company, Darlene’s enthusiasm and interest for the real estate industry is evident as she goes about her daily tasks. Supporting the agents of the company and bringing organization and efficiency to the office makes her a valuable asset to the EXIT Realty PEI team.




Darlene is one of our most reliable and beloved employees. A hard worker, tremendously friendly, and consummately organized. She is noted for her friendliness, sense of humour and for keeping all of us on our toes! She always remains a complete professional and her organization skills are critical in allowing our business to run smoothly. Perhaps best of all, she is a consummate team player - she is always willing to pitch in and help with something.

Albert KaysEXIT Realty PEI

Darlene is a very organized and efficient person. She welcomes everyone as they come into our EXIT office.

Pamela and Danny Foy

Darlene seamlessly handles multiple duties throughout the days and her friendly demeanor an attention to detail are second to none. She is the perfect fit to represent our company as people come through the door and ensures our sales teams files that come across her desk are accurate and complete. One look at a file drawer Darlene is responsible for and you can tell we are in good hands.

Steve Yoston

Darlene’s organization and capacity to process seemingly limitless tasks is truly impressive. She has a unique ability to blend her welcoming personality with an uncompromising attention to detail - ensuring nothing will be done if it isn’t done properly. These principals are key to a successful business and we feel very fortunate to have Darlene in our corner.

Stuart Wight

Darlene has a high sense of responsibility on work colleagues, she has already become the patron saint for my document work. Because of her, I will never make a mistake in the document, and her patience, kindness, and guidance make her the best work partner.

Lucy Lu

If you've ever seen the TV show "Suits" then all you need to know is that at EXIT Realty PEI we have our very own version of "Donna" - she's all-knowing, on top of everything, and is truly a force to be reckoned with. Aside from that, she's incredibly considerate and truly cares about us as agents, going out of her way on many occasions to make sure we're the best we can be. We love Darlene!

Courtney Kickham