Lucy Lu

Lucy moved to PEI from China but has been involved in the real estate industry for 15 years while in China.

Lucy graduated from University majoring in politics and law. After graduation, she worked in a TV news station as an editor. She then joined the largest real estate company in her hometown to assist in marketing. Over the 15 years, she served as a marketing and sales supervisor for several Chinese real estate companies. She also has experience in low-density urban luxury homes, track-top complexes, and industrial park projects. All of this has provided her with a wealth of real estate industry experience.

Lucy enjoys space decoration as well as the promotion of quality living and environmental optimization. She currently operates a retail store with home decoration and runs a life aesthetic club to promote natural aesthetics and aesthetics of life. Lucy also studies professional home decoration and staging and runs a teaching platform for creative arts and art education. All of this is driven by Lucy’s passion for beauty and quality of life. She hopes through her industry vision and experience; she can help customers find their living destination and shape their home into a heart and emotion harbor.

Lucy is also an active member of her community here on PEI. She is a member of the advisory board for the Mayor of Charlottetown which focuses on city culture and recreation.

Lucy’s kind and helpful personality makes her an ideal real estate agent. She has excellent communication skills, is good at solving problems and is extremely professional. Lucy takes great pride in her work and customer satisfaction is incredibly important to her. She understands how important it is to have clients place their trust in her for what may be the biggest transaction of their lives.

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Lucy is professional and can make purchase process smooth. Lucy is responsive; whenever we have a question, she responded fast.

Meng Zhao

If you want to get confidence from a housing transaction, or just want to face a professional house agent, please come to Lucy, she can solve almost all the trouble that you raise.

Junbo Li