Marilyn Wang

Marilyn Wang and her family immigrated from the east coast of China (Shanghai) to the east coast in Canada (Charlottetown) in 2017. She has come to love this beautiful island and its friendly people and is proud to be a new islander.

Prior to entering real estate, Marilyn worked in education in China for over 20 years and in customer service in Canada for 5 years. Her career in post-secondary teaching and administration instilled in her professionalism, organization and people skills, and a keen eye for detail. Her strong customer service skills further strengthened her ability to understand and meet peoples’ needs. She is always striving to exceed the expectations of her clients. Real estate is a natural fit for her.

As a newcomer, Marilyn understands the challenge of finding a new home and settling down in a new culture. Because of her own experience, Marilyn is passionate about assisting people in their own journey to relocate through the buying and selling process. This is best demonstrated in her commitments to the community outside real estate. Being both fluent in English and Mandarin, Marilyn takes pride in building her community by working as a certified freelance interpreter for local medical, legal and business needs.

With the best interest of the client in mind, Marilyn will provide honest, professional high-quality service, and promises to go above and beyond your expectations and ensure your satisfaction throughout each transaction.

For a professional experience, give Marilyn a call for any of your real estate property inquiries.

Marilyn 和她的家人于 2017 年从中国东海岸上海移民到加拿大东海岸夏洛特敦。她开始爱上这个美丽的岛屿及其友好的人民,并为成为一名新岛民而感到自豪。

在进入房地产之前,Marilyn 在中国从事教育工作超过 20 年,在加拿大从事客户服务工作 5 年。她在大学教学和行政管理方面的职业生涯铸就了她的专业精神、组织能力和人际交往能力,以及对细节的敏锐洞察力。她强大的客户服务技能进一步增强了她理解和满足人们需求的能力。她一直在努力超越客户的期望。房地产对她来说是天作之合。

作为新移民,她明白寻找新家和在新文化中安顿下来的挑战。由于她自己的经历,她热心于帮助人们完成自己的搬迁之旅,完成交易过程。这在她从事房地产以外的华人社区的工作中得到了最好的体现。 她能说流利的英语和普通话,一直从事本地社区医疗、法律和商务活动的翻译。


如需获得专业经验,请致电 Marilyn 咨询您的任何房地产问题。



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