EXIT Realty PEI Cookbook

EXIT Realty PEI Cookbook – #4

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Pam’s Nacho Dip

This week we’re bringing you a classic party treat. Pam’s (Team FabFoys) Nacho Dip! Obviously, no one is going to be hosting parties any time soon, but there’s no shame in destroying an entire dish of this with the people you live with (whether that be by yourself or with 5 other people).

“I began making this dip about two decades ago. I’m a very social person so this is a go to recipe when we have friends and family together!”

Mix together in a large bowl:
• 250ml cream cheese
• 500ml sour cream
• 24g packet Old Elpaso taco seasoning

Prepare your toppings:
• Chop lettuce
• Dice tomato
• Chop green onion
• Grate cheddar cheese

Spread sour cream and cream cheese mixture evenly in a large, flat dish.
Add lettuce to cover the sour cream and cream cheese mixture.
Add tomato and green onion on top of lettuce.
Cover in cheddar cheese.
Cover and refrigerate until guests arrive or just dive in.