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Find out how our Agent Boot Camp is taking real estate agents to the next level.

Agent Boot Camp

All agents, especially newer agents, can benefit from training which is why we offer it on a regular basis at EXIT Realty PEI. We want our agents to be able to go out into the business world with confidence and competence as they serve their clients.

We asked our agents what they think they need to learn or develop, and we’ve designed our boot camp based on those needs. All training is offered by our office manager, broker,
administrative staff, marketing staff and other agents proficient in certain areas we cover. We offer the bootcamp to all agents in our office in case any agent thinks they may need a
refresher on any given subject.

If you are interested in receiving training as a new agent or refreshing your training in any area we cover, EXIT Realty PEI may be the right choice for you. Contact us to receive a schedule of what we offer or to have any of your questions answered.

Building powerful real estate agents, one at a time.

We're Behind You

Most companies are focused on numbers, not the individual, at EXIT we focus on the individual because we believe if the individual grows the whole company will grow with them. We do this in five simple ways:

1. We make sure every agent is thoroughly trained and oriented in the business
2. We make sure every agent knows how to brand themselves
3. We search for the best technology and teach our agents how to use it
4. We create a culture where there is a mutual advantage for all our agents to work together
5. We have a residual program that paves the way for financial security for our agents

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