The PEI Home Seller’s Firm Offer Checklist

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PEI Real Estate Seller’s Firm Offer Checklist

  • Get a copy of the updated Agreement of Purchase and sale from your agent, including all amendments, deletions, financing letters etc.
  • Contact your lawyer and let them know your contract is now firm
      • It is also a good idea to find out who in the law office is assigned to work on your file day to day and add that person’s contact information to your records
  • Order water test
  • Call Maritime Electric 1.800.670.1012 and arrange to have the power out of your name for the day after closing
  • Call your oil company and arrange to have the oil tank filled the first business day before closing
  • If there are leases to be assumed (ex. Propane tank), contact the leasing company and let them know the new purchasers will be assuming your lease. Request lease application docs and forward them to your lawyer and your agent
  • If this is a property you are moving out of, request a copy of EXIT Realty PEI’s Moving Checklist
  • If you are living in the property, plan to move out 2 days before closing, leaving the day before closing for final clean up


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