The Ultimate Checklist For Moving Homes On PEI

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Use our handy checklist below for moving on PEI to make sure you don’t miss any important “to dos.” We compiled this list based on the moves of our many clients and the topics they found most helpful.

PEI Moving Checklist

  • Plan your physical move: ex. Hiring a moving company, renting a truck or trailer etc. – book dates that work for your closing.
  • Create a digital and/or hard copy filing system for all records associated with the move.
  • Budget for moving times and expenses
  • Arrange storage space if needed
  • Arrange temporary lodging if necessary
  • Schedule disconnection and connection of service providers
    • Power (Maritime Electric 1.800.670.1012)
    • Oil
    • Propane
    • Internet, cable and phone
      • Note items owned by service providers that must be returned
  • Contact schools, doctor’s offices, vets etc. to arrange for copies or transfers of records where needed
  • List your professional contacts and service providers to determine if they can service you in your new area. They will need a change of address notification or you may need to ask them for a referral in your new area:
    • Doctor
    • Vet
    • Lawyer
    • Accountant
    • Bank
    • Insurance
    • Financial advisor
    • Dentist
  • Review prescriptions, adjust as needed for the move
  • Arrange for child and pet care if needed on moving day
  • Return all borrowed and rented items, library books etc.
  • Plan to use or give away the food you will not use and can’t move
  • Purchase packing materials: totes, boxes, tape, padding markers
  • Rent dumpster if needed
  • Survey items to:
    • Take
    • Give away
    • Throw away
    • Sell
  • Schedule garage sale if needed
  • Vehicles
    • Take or sell
    • Review registrations
    • Service if needed
    • Plan move for each one
  • Contact Canada Post and arrange to have mail forwarded to your new address
    • Review mail delivery at your new address
  • Cancel local memberships if necessary
  • Packing – Schedule as needed
    • Non-essential and out of season items – pack first
    • More often used – pack last
    • Schedule time to disassemble furniture etc.
    • Pack essentials separately for easy access at your new location
  • Packing notes
    • Label boxes by room and contents
    • Remember: last on, first off
    • It will take longer than you (and the moving company) think
    • Don’t pack essential tools, keep them close by
    • Budget time and money for clean up after packing and unpacking
  • Arrange parking and storage location permissions for moving truck and companies if and where required
  • Plan time off work as needed. Often the day after closing is better than the day of closing
  • Get rid of hazardous waste and flammables
  • Make a moving day schedule
  • Plan food options for moving day




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