The Ultimate Checklist For Selling Your PEI Property

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Checklist for Preparing Your Property to Sell on PEI

Work your way from the outside in.


  • Go outside and look at your house from the road as a potential purchaser would look
    • Compare your house to the surrounding properties with a critical eye
      • Concentrate on these three key areas
        1. Yard
          • Landscaping / snow removal (depending on the season)
          • Lawn
          • Walkways / decks / steps
          • Sheds and outbuildings
          • Property boundaries
        2. House Exterior
          • Does it look clean, fresh and well cared for?
          • Are all lights etc. working and in good condition?
        3. Front Door
          • Does it look spotless and welcoming?
          • Does the lock work smoothly and key fit properly?
      • Depersonalize, remove family names from exterior, mailboxes etc.
      • The yard and exterior should look neat and clean. Consider ordering a dumpster to easily remove unwanted debris


  • Take a walk through your house at look at it as a potential purchaser would
    • Search properties similar to yours on-line and compare your house to them
      • Remove all the clutter (this is the hardest part for most people), use a system to help you get started
        1.  Get rid of all the items you have not used in the past 5 years
        2. Pack up everything you have not used in the past year
      • Break the job down to specific areas
        1. Kitchen
          • Remove everything from the counters
          • Clean out the cabinets and drawers
          • That junk drawer we all have? Clean it out.
          • Get rid of food items you don’t use. Use up existing food – what you have on your shelves can dictate your menus until you move.
          • Remove extra cleaning supplies from under the sink. Make sure this area is as empty and clean as possible and ensure there are no leaky pipes or water stains in that area.
          • Appliances should be clean and in good working order. Many purchasers check the stove and use as a gauge for how the house was cared for.
        2. Closets
          • Get rid of all clothes and shoes you no longer use
          • Box and store out of season items
          • Be ruthless about removing additional personal items from closets. Remove everything you don’t absolutely need.
          • Get everything off the floor, closets should look like they have lots of space to hold additional items.
        3. Furniture
          • Most homes contain too much furniture for showings
          • If possible, view a staged or model home and note the amount and placement of the furniture
          • Each room should offer a sense of spaciousness, so some of your furniture may need to be placed in storage
        4. Storage areas
          • Basements, garages, attics, and sheds are the junkyard areas of our homes, not many want to buy a junkyard
          • Get rid of what is not needed, hold a Yard Sale (we have EXIT Realty PEI yard sale signs you can borrow) and remember that dumpster you got to clean up the yard?
          • Transfer some items to a rental storage unit.
          • These areas should appear spacious and clutter free, so purchasers can see there is lots of room for their items
      • Depersonalize the interior as well. Buyers should be able to visualize how to make the property into their own unique space.
    • Look at the following items with a critical eye:
      • Walls and ceilings – remove all dirt, water stains etc., paint if necessary
      • Carpet and flooring – is it worn, torn, or unsightly? Discuss with your agent to determine if it is worth replacing or if it is more advantageous to adjust the price accordingly
      • Doors and windows – check for cracked, chipped or broken seals in window panes. Ensure easy operation of all doors and windows.
      • Check for odours – this is hard to do personally as we all become used to the smell of our own homes, especially if there are pets. Ensure the property is well aired out and an independent third party does not comment on any strange smells. Ask for honest feedback from your agent on this item.
      • Plumbing and fixtures – all should operate easily with excellent pressure and no leaking or dripping

Once these bases are covered, your property should be ready for the market. Consult your agent with any questions or concerns before the first showing.



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